Adolescent horoscopes March 2018: your destiny 101

Perfect Wave Volume Four, Interview in Conversation with The Golden Dome School

Weeksly Forecast, Doing Something To Someone, group zine produced by participants in Laurie Weeks' Writing From Inside The Girl Body workshops, previously sold at Otherwild

January, an automatic-poem, Repel Industries, Flash Zine Number One

Saint Angelyne, Sexy Incantations, Sandy Zine


Logo by Zan Robertson

Logo by Zan Robertson

Radio Ragazza is an oracular journal I kept while training to be a "psychic" from 2014 - 2016. One friend has called it psychotic; another has called it a black hole - I like both descriptors for this content. As an ongoing automatic writing experiment, I anchored this process with found images as floating tarot cards. These digital cards were sometimes linked to YouTube content. The connected media functioned as inspiration/decoders for the given readings. This outlet has been a vehicle for my personal exploration of free speech, writing as self-healing, the question(ing) of authorship, the idea of being a channel, or in this case a radio receiver, where the receiver also has a distinct personality (here, pugilistic). The views expressed on this blog I do not always consider to be my own, OR I consider it as language caught in the etheric amber of the moment. Writing as live radio performance, tuning in and broadcasting.