Grace approaches her readings with such sensitivity, intelligence and innovation. While well-versed in the historical foundations of astro knowledge, Grace’s strength is transforming traditional forms (tarot, birth charts) into meaningful, new interpretative tools that heighten her readings. I greatly appreciate the wisdom Grace interpreted for me using her movie ticket stub deck as well as her keen reading of my birth chart. I cherish that Grace’s readings fed me key insights for self-growth and empowerment, and also kept in mind my own accountability for my life. Since receiving my first reading with Grace in 2016, I have highly recommended her to everyone else in my network.

Jess, Brooklyn 

If I had more then two thumbs, they would all be up. As a Writer, I left my session with Grace words exploding from my fingers. I had a new sense of depth of purpose and connection to the Cosmos; it was like some Etherial Force was propelling me to Create. And it all boils down to Grace's kind and gentle way of being so giant. The depth and breadth of her bag of tricks is Galatic in size and Nature yet she made me feel at Home among the Stars. For we are all Stars, and Grace allowed me to remember this Power. Her thirst for expansion, connection to source and profound knowledge of divination in many forms blesses each session. I cannot imagine the ground (and sky) she covers in her other services, but I felt as if she tailored our session to a form of me I had not connected with since I was a Child. 

Dale, Brooklyn

Over the years, I’ve found that life lets me know when I need some of Grace’s magic. She always makes herself available, and I find that her readings and guidance tend to feel like therapy. Grace works hard to ensure that the experience feels pure, authentic, and personalized. Often, she’ll provide a gift that I take away with me, whether it’s a deck of handwritten spiritual flash cards or a story about a butterfly she’s incubating. Grace has a refreshing way of interweaving the intellectual and the mystical that allows me to trust her implicitly. I always leave a session feeling soothed and confident in my path forward.

Kelly, Brooklyn 

Grace Kredell is the REAL DEAL. A true NOW WAVE medium who's as plugged into the cosmos and spirit realms as she is sensitive to socio-political constraints and contexts of daily life. She delivers life-changing messages complete with humor, self awareness, cultural sensitivity and even helpful links and suggestions to get you started on practical improvements to your life and spiritual practice. She pulls from intuitive sources, mythological archetypes, spirit guides, astrology, and common sense to provide a muli-faceted, informed and comprehensive reading. The first reading she did for me was an eclipse report as an e-mailed document. I really liked this format as I've read it over and over and it's proven useful at many stages of my life. I unfold deeper meanings and understanding each time. I typically receive new messages and the confidence to accept them as well. Grace is an active advocate of the psychic arts and a supportive community builder within it. She'll not only provide an excellent service, but she'll refer you to other psychic artists and healers who she believes in. This is a much needed outlook in a highly competitive arena that is under-supported and even smeared by Capitalist agendas.

Maria, Boston

Grace’s reading opened doors and windows of my mind to see a whole new realm of possibilities, of potential life trajectories that once spoken by her, so deeply resonated with me, allowing me to let go of limiting outdated beliefs while bringing into clarity what my present inner work is about and aiming towards. this is huge. i feel that one of the most powerful abilities of a healer is in helping to shift consciousness, and grace did just that. i feel re-committed to my soul purpose, and thanks to grace, excited to see the magical mountains beyond the mist towards where i’m headed. her intuitive gift of drawing out and bringing into focus the tender sproutlings of desires flirting on the edge of my consciousness that i was too bashful to acknowledge in myself, was immensely helpful, and grounding into the material realm. i feel a new confidence in having received validation and nourishment by her giving so generously from her deep and vast well of knowledge. 

Kwonyin, Los Angeles