Dedicated to the healing folx that saved my life “a wretch like me”, my search and rescue team, co-creators of mystery ~`~`~ all the underworld goddesses, including Ursula the Sea Witch, “poor unfortunate souls” 

Why can’t you say, If you know, then why can’t you say.
***cat stevens***

Dedicated to all of the recovering temple oracle crazies.
on-the-move “bodhissatvas” Kerouac was always raving about like a mad-man Odysessus.
to Penelopes, weaving and unweaving, growing psychic abilities - the ability to stare-at sea \ cliffs and see through blockages, boundaries,

to be able to write the story of wandering husband as it was happening.

oh! , ____ to being led astray by visions unseen by physical eyes, but on view
to Cassandras, wronged-footed.
those that are not able to touch soft ground and speak and be clear:
to be held beneficial by the social body,
given proper place and purpose
+sacks of gold coins
to “witches” “burned” at “the stake"
to all of you out there really, reading, listening, thinking and wandering-around your inner temple hill,
strange murmurings of what you half-know or remember, un-seeing seeing being.
i see you.
i hold your hand.
i ask you to be brave.