Reading an individual is reflecting a shapeshifting energy center connected to bigger pictures and collective growth periods. My intention in providing spiritual counsel during these times is to re-connect you with the concept of Magic, as the revolutionary practice of alchemy and as our deep sense of the invisible connections that spell out our wholeness. 

How do we connect The Weather Inside to What’s Happening Out There? My astrology practice is an oracular practice. I practice planetary mediumship, and encourage people to make direct connections to the energy themselves, in the spirit of co-creative dialogue and empowered meaning-making. In modern astrology, I believe we’ve forgotten OUR STARS in focusing so heavily on MY STARS, and my wish for astrology as a practice is that new space be created for collective star-gazing, storytelling, cultural mapping, community action and ritual. New myths come through!

My ultimate goal is to teach you how to fish, and to hold space as you remember for yourself what is possible. Thank you for showing up angels!