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BIG PICTURE Natal Chart Reporting / Astrological Storytelling, $120

Covered: Sun, Moon, Rising Sign combined with card pulling

Delivery Options:

In-person: 1.5 hour session work

Recorded Audio Report: mp3 recording sent within one week

Written Report: PDF e-mail delivery within one week, or physical mail/healing arts care-package sent for an additional fee

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

- Will Shakespeare

At what moment in the cosmic opera did you take your first breath? 

How do we picture this stage set we've been born into? How do we relate to the power players in our chart and also the Greek Chorus? 

Using traditional de-lineation methods, I will provide a narrative framework for understanding your chart, as well as suggest healing arts exercises / creative tools to work with different energies / scenarios. 

There is always the question of: HOW DO YOU WANT TO PLAY IT? Using the medicine of archetypes, I will also tell stories and describe images that you may take inspiration from. 


Return Client/ Repeat Work, Sliding Scale Based on Income

What's your goddamn problem? And how do we wrestle with our questions on the divining table? 

How do we move from Always Crashing in the Same Car to something more in the vibration of New Career in a New Town

What pictures do you feel trapped by and how can we use energetic tools and divinatory methods to re-claim our power in these situations & KEEP ON TRUCKIN'? Together, we'll come up with an action plan, resource list, and customized tool kit.

Consider this like a trip to the cosmic optometry station /// how can we get clearer on how we're picturing things, and the stories we tell in these pictures

These sessions also stand to operate as a reflection site for meditation/contemplation of what responsibility we have in creating a better picture for us all.  How do our problems reflect larger social issues, and what's our individual take on healing these collective pictures? 


Private Coaching + Mentoring, Sliding Scale Based on Income

This is a course of private instruction with me, based upon your own individual spiritual goals and also spiritual lineage – where are you coming from, spiritually?

How do you currently work with your intuition or whatever you want to call it *MAGIC*? Do you have a sense yet of your own process? How do you wish to deepen your connection to spirit / the invisible/unseen (however you conceive of that connectedness)? 

Through one on one consultations, guided divinatory exercises, and occasionally field trips, I will teach you how to GO FISH, towards crafting daily practices that work for you and get you moving with your own divine question and answering. 




1. How do you wish to grow?
2. Where are you stuck?
3. What is a beautiful future according to YOU? *Not the same as a “happy ending”
4. Are you willing to “see” with me?
5. What philosophical questions do you bring to the table?

*** Please note that under current laws, spiritual guidance is classified as for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitutes legal, financial, medical or other advice.